Friday 5 August 2016

The Shirley Price story

In its skincare manufacture and formulation Shirley Price Aromatherapy Limited upholds the highest global standards both of safety and botanical innovation.  

The Shirley Price story began in Hinckley UK in 1974 Shirley became interested in aromatherapy in order to treat herself and own mother who had arthritis. After many training courses, including some abroad, Shirley set up as an aromatherapist, blending and creating her own skincare creams for customers in her busy hairdressing and beauty salon. Shirley Price Aromatherapy Limited started supplying essential oils and blends.  Shirley went on to open the Shirley Price International College of Aromatherapy in 1978 and worked teaching and lecturing increasingly all over the world becoming a trusted name in both aromatherapy teaching and the supply of essential oils and aromatherapy products. 

In the 1980s and 1990s aromatherapy training was followed by over 6000 students who are proud holders of the SPICA qualification in aromatherapy.  Skincare regimes incorporating essential oils for radiant health and wellbeing are now part of daily global life and we at Shirley Price Aromatherapy are proud to continue this tradition.

Aromatherapy principally means a massage treatment using ready blended oils applied to the whole body or feet.   Shirley was the first tutor to teach students how to mix and blend their own recipes sooner than using ready blended oils. This was a huge step forward and from this grew the philosophy of treating each client as an individual.  Shirley and Len Price did much to put aromatherapy on a professional footing.  Founder members of IFPA, IFA and the Aromatherapy Trades Council Shirley worked hard to ensure the best in aromatherapy training and essential oils were available for therapeutic effect.  Aromatherapy came to be seen as a key element in training for a career in complimentary therapies which draw heavily on global traditions of traditional care and wellbeing for healing.

While medicine treats conditions of illness Aromatherapy is aimed both at prevention - stimulating the circulation and immune system and where there is illness or age related conditions aromatherapy is aimed at symptom relief - such as pain relief, increased confidence and robustness, at stress and depressed mood.  

Aromatherapy is not medicine though of course much in the pharmacy which is free of harmful side effects is plant derived or based.  If you are ill you should see a doctor! 

Above all by incorporating regular knowledgeable use of essential oils into our daily lives we can live longer happier lives.  The leading aromatherapist educators like Shirley Price, Mojay and Tisserand and others are living examples of the effectiveness of their doctrines!

Authorship.  Starting with Practical Aromatherapy Shirley has published many books on aromatherapy, including The Aromatherapy Workbook, Aromatherapy for the Emotions and Aromatherapy for Health Professionals.  In 1999 Shirley and Len Price retired updating their internationally acclaimed textbooks and supporting their daughter Penny Price's business.  

Today the Company continues to supply aromatherapy training in massage and blending essential oils for individual effect.  The Aromatherapy Products bearing the Shirley Price name are supplied through over 40 correspondent aromatherapy and beauty colleges worldwide and via the 6000 alumni of the Shirley Price International College of Aromatherapy.  The close relationship of the company with the highest standards of training continues.  

The principal of the College today (pictured right) is Joon Wong an independent Cidesco examiner and IFPA trustee. Our correspondent links with global tutors like Jan Benham, Jane Harrison, Sarah Gelzer, Joon Wong, Rayleen and the Nordblom family in Europe, the Americas, Asia and China ensures a well qualified knowledgeable and caring Shirley Price distributor and trainer - expert in the use of essential oils is never far away.