Thursday 9 January 2014

The Shirley Price Aromatherapy A-Z

Welcome to our A-Z of Shirley Price links

Firstly the A-Z of our products can be found here

About us

is for about us
is for the 6000 Alumni of the Shirley Price Aromatherapy College,
the Shirley Price Aromatherapy Diploma and quarterly workshops,
The Shirley Price Essential 60 at Amazon,
the App, and the ATC

Training Documents and Registration

Shirley Price in Asia

Shirley Price Essential 60 at Amazon

Essential 60 oils
5x 10ml
Basil to Cypress
Elemi to Juniperberry
Lavandin to Orange Sweet
Palmarosa to Ylang Ylang
5x 10ml
Basil to Cypress
Elemi to Fennel
Frankincense to Juniperberry
Lavandin to May Chang
Mandarin to Orange Sweet
Palmarosa to Ravensara
Rosemary to Ylang Ylang

                                                                       Download now
is for Shirley Price Botanical Skincare, Battaglia, and the Shirley Price Books, the Brochure,

Where to find Shirley Price Botanical Skincare

Shirley Price's Books at Amazon

is for courses
Registration and tickets Upcoming Shirley Price Aromatherapy Diploma and workshops with Jan Benham FFHT MIFPA 24th February - 8th March  Prospectus 

is for the catalog
Shirley Price 2014 Product Catalog pdf
and product list and contact us
2014 Catalog | Product list Product Guide pdf | Browse and buy | Contact us
is for cap labels and the Shirley Price creams
which Shirley Price product is right for you?
and the Chamomile Eyecare range
and Customer Service

is for distance learning

is for 120 essential oils
and Exhibitions in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh
The Shirley Price Aromatherapy mobile salon came to Birmingham NEC for Beauty UK May 18, 19 2014 with holistics, treatments and a beauty showcase by the Shirley Price staff. Ian spoke on the practical uses of essential oils and natural products to enthusiastic groups in the Beauty Hall on Sunday and the Holistics Hall on Monday.

is for the Founders

and First Aid

is for Gill, George and the Shirley Price Staff

is for Hydrolats

is for IFPA, The FHT, IFA, AIA, NAHA and aromatherapy everywhere

is for Jan

is for kits, its College kits time again

and for Kindle
The Shirley Price Aromatherapy Workbook accompanying the distance learning course is excellent value

is for Let Nature Provide the Sp UK Skincare Distributor


is for the Newsletter
  Shirley Price Newsletter

O is for Organic

is for the product lightboxes and 2014 Product List and Links

Shirley Price 2014 Product List and Links


is for Retail

is for our international Stockists worldwide,
the Students and the Soil Association

is for Therapists and the Tutors
Training Document Links

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is for video
One of the best selling Aromatherapy Videos our company video has attracted hundreds of thousands of hits on youtube.  All good for aromatherapy worldwide.  You can buy the box set at, Aromatherapy, Massage and Reflexology or the Aromatherapy DVD on its own

is for the Workshops




Tuesday 7 January 2014

The Essential 60 - The Asteraceae

and which other Oils from the Essential 60? CHA, CHG, but did you get HEL?

The Shirley Price Webinar and chatroom side by side in windows